Cuban Flex will heat up your next home workout with these risqué dance moves

Emerald Pellot

Even with social distancing restrictions relaxing, many people probably won’t feel like heading to clubs or concerts for the foreseeable future. 

Most people have turned to more virtual methods to get their dance party fix. It’s no wonder the members of Cuban Flex, a traveling dance trio, are rising social media stars. Tony Flex, Yunior Aguilera and Yanny Rodriguez specialize in choreographed dances that mix the sounds of reggaeton, hip hop and salsa.

The men are from Cuba but have resided in Italy for nearly a decade where they tour and teach classes. The crew posts clips of their routines on Instagram and have taken the internet by storm.

Flex, Aguilera and Rodriguez make it no secret that a huge part of their appeal is, well, their sex appeal. It’s not uncommon for the group to peel off their shirts before they gyrate their hips and do a few pelvic thrusts. But no worries, if you’re looking for something a little more PG, the guys are just amazing dancers. 

There are plenty of fully-clothed dance clips that make great workouts or prompts to get you moving. In one video, shot poolside, the guys get into some serious cardio.

The footwork and simple arm movements are easy enough to follow after a few watches but quick enough to get you breaking a sweat.

But if you’re left hankering for a bit more interaction, Cuban Flex hosts a series of virtual dance parties featuring Zumba, reggaeton and salsa to get you in the groove. 

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