Cruise Ship Captain Gets Unwelcome Surprise After Making Her Cat a Birthday Cake

This video is way too funny.

A cruise captain wanted to make her cat a birthday cake to celebrate their special day, and the results were less than celebratory. As pet owners we love to spoil our pets and treat them to something special, especially when we are celebrating their birthdays or 'gotcha days.' These milestones are so important to us because it commemorates and celebrates the love we have for our furry companions. Plus, it's an excuse to go all out and give our fur babies something they will totally love.

TikTok account holder @Captainkatemccue wanted to do this exact thing for her Sphynx Cat's birthday, and she purchased a speciality cat cake mix in order to make her cat a birthday treat. Watch the following hilarious video to see how that went.

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Typical cat! This is just like ever pet owner who has bought their cat a fabulous new birthday toy to have the cat only express interest in the box the toy came in.

TikTok viewers are finding this whole situation hilarious, and @Lisathesquirrel comments, "I used to make my dog cookies in the oven from her prescription food. It stank soooo bad. Lol." @Dizney79 types, "For once I'm glad there isn't a smell-a-vision TikTok. Great effort though." @JL brown replies, "Happy Birthday Bug!! The cakes turned out beautiful even if she didn't like them."

We have to admit the icing and decorating job on these cakes was pretty fantastic. Too bad the cat only like the decorations, LOL!

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