Crop Tops for Men Are Here for the Summer, So Prepare to See a Whole Lot of Stomachs

Photo credit: ASOS
Photo credit: ASOS

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Crop tops! For men! It’s the look that you should have spotted a mile away, but, alas, here you are looking all sorts of confused. ASOS is (apparently) tired of the shirt style being only for women, so they have a bunch of crop tops designed for man in your life. The '80s have returned in the most interesting way possible.

Twitter users began voicing their (less-than-favorable) thoughts on the clothing when they discovered ASOS is going full-in on the style. It’s clear that many think the belly-showing tops should be kept for women.

It’s no surprise that ASOS is leaning into the questionable “trend.” It’s the same company that began selling crotchless jeans held together by chain suspenders … for $119. What I’m trying to say is that ASOS goes there, and you never know what ~fashion~ look they’ll brace on to next.

If you’re all for the look, ASOS is stocked with options for any occasion. You never know when you’re going to need a mesh crop top, after all.

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