How To Crochet A Granny Square Scarf | Part 2 | Stitch Club

Mariana shows us how to crochet the classic yet very versatile granny squares into a scarf with pockets. Click here for our complete kit of everything you'll need:

Video Transcript

MARIANA TUMA: Hi, I'm Mariana, and welcome back to another episode of GH Stitch Club where we have a couple of really cool granny squared patterns, and today I'll be showing you how to make the square for our super granny square scarf that has pockets. So let's get started.

So I'm just going to thread our tail through that center circle here, and then you can clip it close to your work, and it will disappear. So now we've woven in all the ends, and we're ready to seam our squarest together. To seam our pieces together, we're going to be using our darning needle, and we're going to use a kind of invisible stitch that will let your pieces lay flat together.

So the best way is to lay the right sides of your squares together, and then we'll take a piece of the same color yarn. This is really helpful when all your squares have the same outside color to help your yarn kind of disappear. We'll thread it onto our darning needle. You can pin your scores together, if that's helpful for you, or use little clips if you want to keep them aligned. But basically, you'll just be weaving in and out of the loops on the edge so that they line up.

So we'll start here at the corner, and we will pass our needle underneath. And we're threading our needle through the back loop. So this back loop you can see the stitch has two legs here, and we're passing it through the back loop here, and then you just work your way back and forth. Going through the back loop, going through the back loop here.

And this way, you won't see your yarn that you're using to weave in. Let me show you how we pull it taught, and you just want to match up stitch for stitch. So you'll just continue weaving until you reach about the middle of your work, and then you'll tighten your thread a little bit, and then continue until you reach the end.

So now we've woven the ends together all the way to the end, and we'll just tug on our yarn a little bit. And if I flip it open, you can see that it makes a really nice, seamless join between your two squares here. And then the last thing we need to do is just weave in the ends of our seaming yarn so that our squares don't come apart. So I'll just insert it back into this.

We're going to make a little bit of a knot here to really secure our squares at the end. So we'll weave it back into the loop on the opposite square and then back into that same loop that you created, and that'll make a little bit of a knot. Tighten that, flip it over, and then you can weave in the end very similar to the way that we did with the tail ends on the back of our square, so just sort of weaving your thread back and forth so that the tail end is hitting.

And once you've woven in that tale, you can cut it close to your work, and that tail end will just disappear into your stitches. Then we'll weave in this last tale. So again, we'll kind of loop back on itself to make a little bit of a not. Especially with this being scarf, you want it to be really secure.


So you'll just continue on in this way until your granny square scarf has reached the length that you like. We recommend 10 squares. If that's too long, you can make it shorter, or you can make it longer, whatever you like. If you're making a pocket, you'll make an extra square and just seam it on top on three sides to make a pocket on the ends of your granny square scarf.