Crimean Tatar woman detained by Russia wrote a letter from pre-trial detention centre

Leniie Umerova, a Crimean Tatar woman held in a Russian pre-trial detention centre, wrote an open letter thanking for support and hoping for a quick release.

Source: The brother of the detainee, Aziz Umerov, on Facebook

Details: Umerov posted his sister's letter dated 30 May and added that the FSB censor checks has been checking her letters for a long time, so there’s very little information. She was also deprived of the right to write in Ukrainian or Crimean Tatar.

In the letter, Umerova thanked for the support she had received and talked about the detention.

Quote: "Half a year ago, I went to my parents in Crimea to visit and support them. I went with peace and pure intentions. I never managed to get there. For six months now, the devil knows what has been going on. Thank you very much for keeping your finger on the pulse and not leaving me alone [in this situation – ed.], it helps to keep a cool head and warms the heart. It is more than priceless to me.

I believe in justice and that sooner or later any arbitrariness ends! And this too will end! Hopefully soon!"


  • In April 2023, it became known that Leniie Umerova, a Crimean Tatar who tried to get from Kyiv to occupied Crimea to visit her sick father, had been detained by Russian authorities for more than four months. Leniie’s brother says the reason for detention is that she does not have a Russian passport.

  • Umerova was detained on 4 December 2022, when she needed to go from Kyiv to occupied Crimea due to the deterioration of the condition of her cancer-stricken father.

  • Russian security forces detained Leniie after she crossed the Georgian-Russian border allegedly for violating the rules of the restricted zone.

  • On 5 May, the Lefortovo District Court of Moscow arrested Umerova on suspicion of espionage.

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