This creepy motel in Nevada will definitely keep you up at night

Many often come to Nevada to seeksome level of thrill in Las Vegas.However, visitors might experience a real adrenalinerush at a motel located about three hours awayfrom Sin City, in the very small town of Tonopah.Situated across from the Old TonopahCemetery, the Clown Motel has beenknown as “America’s Scariest Motel”.According to KLAS, Bob Perchetti founded theestablishment in the late 1990s and subsequentlyowned the motel for over 20 years.Over the course of those two decades,he and his business partner decoratedthe entire place with family clowns.In 2017, the now-for-sale motel caughtthe attention of Hame Anand, who saw themotel’s location as an opportunity.“All my life I worked in advertising …So I know that even if you had $10 millionyou’re not going to get that kind of publicity.I told my brother, ‘See, this motel is very popularand the graveyard — that’s the catch’”.Anand capitalized on the motel’snotoriety, adding his 200 clown figurines to the800 that had already come with the property.The large collection housed within its wallshas only made the residence more haunting.According to Anand, he’s heard unexplainable noisesin unoccupied rooms, from voices to footsteps.Guests have also reportedly heard or seen strangethings in rooms 108, 109, 210, 215, and 217 in particular.for what it’s worth, the motel hasgotten decent reviews on Tripadvisor

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