Creator of the the viral blue emoji face is revealed

Emojis have evolved since the day they became available, from the way they look to their connotation.

Back in 2011, artist Tanya Mau (@lazymau) drew a set of blue emojis. The emoticons were highly emotional and expressed more than simply happy or sad. That was over a decade ago, and the emojis she created are dominating TikTok slideshows right now.

These memes have been across TikTok for months, but it wasn't until recently that Mau stepped forward and revealed she was the creator of the series.

If you follow the link Mau quoted the tweet with, it takes you to a website that has all 40 characters that Mau drew.

Right now, TikTokers are using several emojis in their post, showing a chain of reactions to an initial statement that is normally on the first slide.

With the emojis everywhere right now, Mau was able to have a full circle moment, as she found her son using the emojis while texting.

“yesterday I saw my 9 y.o kid sending blue emoji in WhatsApp, not knowing it’s me who made them (I’m not making this up),” Mau said on Twitter.

A popular way to use this is to show off music taste. Videos begin with a question about the artist and keep going until the viewer gets to the final slide, which is filled with lyrics of the song playing over top.

“Who even listens to this song,” wrote @sometimesfunnyvids to start the video. “oh wait… i do…”

The blue emoji is a meme that is here to stay. With a multitude of emotions available, users will continue to mix and match emojis to craft the perfect slideshows on TikTok.

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