Creator shares how often to light a candle to keep the scent fresh

Fragrance Influencer Kudzi Chikumbu, also known as Sir Candle Man (@sircandleman), recently released a video to explain why scented candles often lose their fragrance and what to do to prevent that from happening.

On Sept. 11, Chikumbu, who is also set to publish a book called “Let It Burn” filled with candle and fragrance tips, posted a video to TikTok explaining this phenomenon.

“Your scented candles are not strong or filling the room because you’re doing this one thing wrong,” he said. “If you don’t light your candles, the fragrance oils in the wax will rise and evaporate even when it’s not lit.

Chikumbu’s PSA was the exact push some of his viewers needed to go and save their candles.

“*Reaches over to light my candle next to me*,” replied @hippy.housewyfe.

“I didnt know this thank you for this video,” commented @leilainocentes.

Chikumbu also has several other videos explaining how to effectively take care of candles and fix problems like tunneling and scent degradation.

In order to prevent candles from losing their smell, he recommends keeping them away from sunlight to help protect against evaporation.

Also, he says the key to fix tunneling — which happens when the candle burns only on the inside and creates a hole — is to be patient and let it burn for a long period of time in order to get an even burn. If that doesn’t work, Chikumbu recommends using a candle lamp or warmer to ensure even burning.

Some of his viewers had other ways of preventing tunneling.

“I wrap aluminum foil around the sides of the top/rim and it evens it out,” replied @melissa_fosho.

Aside from the methods Chikumbu explains in those posts, there are other ways to keep a candle properly maintained.

Purcell & Woodcock, a home fragrance brand, advises users to trim the wick for every use, keep burn time to a maximum of four hours and to cover the candle when it’s not lit so the next light will be as even as possible.

“Trimmed wicks help your candle burn in a cleaner and more even manner. Besides, long wicks will lead to bigger flames causing ‘burn pools’ and very uneven wax burning,” Gina Cassidy wrote. “As a general rule of thumb, a candle’s wick should be between ⅛ and ¼ inches long.”

One of the biggest keys to keeping candles fresh, according to Chikumbu, is to not hoard scents.

“If you’re trying to save it for a good day, today’s a good day,” he said.

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