Creative DIYer Makes the Most Colorful Wood Grain Ever for Statement Dresser


Revealing a piece of furniture's wood grain pattern is one of the most fun things about restoring things. Once you get rid of pesky paint or when you're ready to add your own wood grain with a special tool, you can elevate the piece's look in so many important ways. But what most people don't ever change is the color of the wood grain. They're concerned about making it look as real and as natural as possible. We're here to tell you, however, that you don't have to do that. In fact, you can make your wood grain as colorful as possible!

Instagrammer @heirloomtraditionspaint took to the platform to share the coolest effect we've personally ever seen on a furniture piece: blue wood grain!

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She wrote: "This isn’t your grandma’s wood graining color combo. We’re having fun with this one!"

The DIYer continued: "Of course we are pairing #allinonepaint and our wood graining tool to create the easiest, statement dresser."

In the video, you can watch her use the paint color Mediterranean to stain a normal-looking piece of wood with dark blue to create a gorgeous blue wood grain effect. It looks so awesome and whimsical, and unlike so many other types of decor we've seen.

You could do this with plenty of different colors and make a gorgeous rainbow piece of wood. It's not a difficult process, but one you do have to think outside the box for. But just think of how cool a piece of furniture like a chair or a table would be with this kind of decor!

The next time you want to put together some wood grain effects, try this idea out!

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