Creative BMX Rider Explores NYC

It is no secret that BMX riders are fearless compared to mountain bikers. As it turns out this is in more areas than just trying huge tricks on little bikes.

They also do not seem to fear traffic, even on brakeless bikes. Watch Billy Perry’s POV of riding his BMX bike around New York below.

In this video, Perry and friends ride around the streets of New York and other cities on their bikes.

Billy manuals for much of the video while splitting lanes. This is an incredibly risky maneuver. He has to stay upright and ride straight on one wheel through a feet-wide gap between cars. Between that and dodging turning cars, pedestrians, and delivery trucks, Billy runs the risk of getting run over if he missteps in the slightest.

Perhaps the hairiest lane split was when he manualed between lanes in London in which cars were traveling in each direction. Thankfully he did not veer into the maw of the deadly oncoming cars.

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Billy similarly is not afraid of the law. In this video, he hops onto a random flatbed truck and off all right in front of a police officer.

While most of us can appreciate his bravery from afar, splitting lanes in a city on a brakeless BMX bike is too crazy.

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