Create a magical night light for little ones with this DIY Mason jar craft

This awesome DIY craft lets you turn an ordinary Mason jar into a comforting night light!

TikToker Sarah Schofield (@sschoscho) is a parent, grandparent, and artist who frequently shares clips of art projects and crafts as well as serene moments in nature. One of her videos features a clever tutorial for making a DIY night light out of a Mason jar, and it’s a bedtime game changer.

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To make Schofield’s night light, you’ll need some paper cutouts, a Mason jar, Mod Podge, tissue paper, glitter, and super glue.

While parents might have to do most of the heavy gluing for this craft, there are many ways children can help in the process.

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For starters, you can let your child pick out an assortment of paper cutouts for decorating the inside of their night light.

Add a few small drops of super glue to each paper cutout, then have your child show you where to place them inside the jar. Use tweezers to attach each paper figure before smoothing them over with a ruler or any other thin, flat object.

Once the glue is dry, have your child help paint a layer of Mod Podge on the Mason jar. Then cover the Mason jar with a sheet of tissue paper and add another layer of Mod Podge, followed by a generous sprinkling of glitter.

Once everything is dry, decorate the rim of the Mason jar with a pretty garland. Have your child switch on an electric tea candle and place it inside while you both marvel at the magical figures glowing from within their enchanting Mason jar universe.

Viewers were charmed by Schofield’s creative craft.

“They’re so beautiful,” complimented one user, to which another TikToker responded in agreement with a happy face emoji surrounded by hearts.

Whether you’re simply in the mood for some DIY decorations, or your child needs some comforting bedtime ambiance, Schofield’s night light is definitely worth a try.

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