Re-Create These 'Hocus Pocus' Looks for Halloween

Re-Create These 'Hocus Pocus' Looks for Halloween

Before you run amok, amok, amok, amok this Halloween, you'll need a look that'll terrify the townspeople, and who better than the Sanderson Sisters? From Sanderson-themed lawn decorations to Hocus Pocus-inspired drinking games, we can't quite escape the spell of these three mischief makers, including our costume-inspo. Their recent resurrection in Hocus Pocus 2 offers the perfect excuse to perform a little magic in the makeup department.

Capturing the essence of the Sandersons isn't witchful thinking. You won't need the Black Flame Candle (or this AirBnb) to transport yourself to Salem for All Hallows' Eve—some black eyeliner and a good WiFi connection will work well. Ahead, we summoned the witchiest makeup tutorials and products you'll need to recreate the most bewitching Hocus Pocus looks.

Winifred Sanderson

Before you reach into the makeup drawer, head for your craft corner first to begin this look. Creator Angela Lanter says the trick to getting the most challenging part of this tutorial right is the brows—or lack thereof. She recommends using a glue stick and then covering the brows in a loose powder. With a foundation stick, spend time blending in the powder to ensure every hair is out of sight. Top off the look by contouring your smile lines and adding plenty of blush.

Mary Sanderson

Rivaling the Cheshire Cat for the most recognizable smile, dark red lips are the focal point of Mary Sanderson's backward grin. Makeup artist Madalyn Cline outlines her lips in a deep burgundy before applying a similar shade in lipstick. Don't forget Mary's signature beauty mark near her upper lip, which you can achieve using a dot of black eyeliner.

Sarah Sanderson

Sarah Sanderson has serious hex appeal with a mess of blonde curls and a burnt-black smoky eye. To extend the look of her nose, creator Cheynne Roncales added extra highlighter to the bridge. If you have time, Roncales recommends contouring the nose as well. A ditsy attitude and hilarious one-liners not sold in-store.

Billy Butcherson

It doesn't take an 8 a.m. Zoom meeting to appear undead for this look. Not only does this creator show you how to customize a Billy Butcherson costume, but her tips on re-creating texture on your face also help sell the whole lack-of-brains bit. Use a fluffy shadow brush and black eyeshadow to create darkness around your eyes. Apply dark brown eyeshadows to contour the face with lots of layers and give it a ghastly texture. It's not quite three centuries long, but plug in a good podcast because finishing the face requires patience.

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