Re-Create Hailee Steinfeld's Vampy, Monochromatic Burgundy Look With These Under-$20 Products

Hailee Steinfeld just debuted an elegant, vampy beauty look that is both perfect for Halloween and the rest of the Fall season. The actress revealed a monochromatic burgundy look that was complete with the deep hue on her lips, as well as her nails. Steinfeld wore the look for her appearance on The Late Late Show. It was created by a superstar beauty team that included makeup artist Patrick Ta, manicurist Tom Bachik, and hairstylist Laura Polko.

Burgundy falls within the family of deep red shades that nail expert and brand owner Jin Soon Choi predicted would be popular nail polish colors for the season. "They are timeless colors that cross from classic to modern and feminine to bold - making them perfect for all Autumn occasions."

Though the hue is quintessential to Fall, Steinfeld showed us one unexpected way to wear it. Check out the look, ahead, along with under-$20 products that you can use to re-create the look.

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