'Crazy' fan tries to jump on stage with Ice Spice at Rolling Loud: 'People are out of their mind'

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Thousands of hip-hop fans attended the Rolling Loud music festival in California over the weekend, and most were pretty hyped by the time Ice Spice took the stage. But one over-the-top fan apparently let his excitement go a bit too far — so he had to be restrained by security.

An unnamed fan reportedly tried to rush the stage during the rapper’s performance on Sunday while yelling her name and waving his hands around wildly to get her attention. Luckily, security prevented the overeager fan from moving any further than the front concert pit, and the show wasn’t actually interrupted. However, the entire incident was captured on cell phone footage, now going viral on Instagram, and people can’t stop talking about it.

The original clip was shared by DJ Akademiks (@akademiks) and has garnered thousands of views and comments in just a matter of hours.

A lot of commenters have been shaking their heads at the concertgoer’s actions.

“People are out of their mind,” wrote one person.

“That boy need help fr,” said someone else.

“doing this to another human being is crazy,” another person wrote.

But a significant amount of people were confident the whole thing was rigged.

“Paid actor,” one person wrote.

“Staged,” said another, adding that “Ice is signed to a major [label]. Kinda wish they would stop playing with us.”

At the moment, it still remains unclear who the man was or what his true motives were.

Ice Spice has certainly gained a loyal following since first hitting the music scene in 2022. The Bronx-born, 23-year-old rapper has grown most of her fan base on TikTok, where she commands an impressive 6.5 million followers and continues to get views.

Some of her most popular songs so far include “Munch,” “In Ha Mood” and her most recent single, “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2,” which she performs with PinkPantheress. But if it feels like she’s been everywhere lately, that’s because she kind of has.

In recent weeks, the rapper has been photographed at New York Fashion Week, made appearances in several of North West’s TikTok videos and, according to TMZ, was even falsely linked to comedian Pete Davidson.

Clearly, the red-headed rapper is something of an “It Girl” right now; but hopefully, her fans can keep their rabid love for her in check at future performances.

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