Craigslist Lovebird Falls Madly In Love with Black Labrador in Sweet Video

Whenever you have a pet in your home and you adopt another pet, you always hope they will get along with one another. In a video posted September 6, a dog owner showed what happened when she rescued a lovebird off of Craigslist and introduced him to their Labrador Retriever.

It's just too sweet.

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The video shared by @spishley states, "The bird we got off Craigslist seems to be gentle friends with my Lab."

The bird just loves this dog! It's so sweet! TikTok users find this pair absolutely enchanting and @Kendra sweetly comments, "We’re watching two people from a past life make good on their promise to find each other in the next." Awwww! @Ghost adds, "I was gonna say he’s a Disney Princess but the other comments made me cry. My heart… they will love each other in every life." Oh my goodness these comments are everything! @Victoria adds, "Seeing this melts my heart, I love animals sooo much."

Lovebirds are very friendly birds with great personalities. They love being in contact with their humans and some have been known to get along well with dogs and even cats. The drawbacks are that they can be noisy and they can also bite on occasion. If handled a lot from an early age and given lost of care and attention, these birds just make wonderful pets.

As the sweet dog in the above video can attest to!

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