Craig Murray Lays Down High Risk Run For Exhilarating Video

Pro skier Craig Murray (aka @wezydavis on Instagram), isn't afraid to risk life and limb to capture the best line for his followers.

Watch as he carefully navigates a high risk run that includes two mandatory airs, lots of speed, plenty of fresh powder, and a beautiful spine:

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Dang. It's gotta be so cool to be that good at skiing. Imagine rolling up to nearly any mountain face in the world and having the confidence to turn it into your personal playground. Must be nice.

Meanwhile, you have chumps like me who need to take at least one warmup run on a groomer before I'm ready to send anything even remotely challenging.

You know what? I'm sick of pro skiers. They can take their awesome skiing clips and shove them where the sun don't shine.

They think they're "so cool" because they're better than 99.99% of people on Earth and can make a living doing what they love? Who cares? Who even wants that? It sounds like a terrible way to live.

Why can't they just submit themselves to the never-ending crush of the American corporate machine and waste their time staring at the gray walls of a cubicle like the rest of us?

Do they think they're better than us? Jerks.

*The last four paragraphs were satire, and not serious in the slightest. I feel the need to break the fourth wall because I know there's gonna be at least one keyboard warrior who sends me a nasty email who didn't get the joke.*

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