Cozy Earth’s New Quintessential Cashmere Collection Is the Upgrade Our Winter WFH Outfits Need

woman wearing cashmere pullover and man wearing cashmere joggers
Cozy Earth’s New Cashmere Line Is WFH ‘Fit GoalsBest Products; Cozy Earth

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Nothing says luxe like cashmere. The super soft, cozy fabric is exactly what you want to wrap yourself up in on a cold day. So if you, too, have a drafty home office and want to wear more than hoodies or itchy sweaters during your workday, cashmere sweaters, joggers, and cardigans are the ideal closet upgrade. Lucky for us, there’s a new cashmere line on the block. Cozy Earth’s Quintessential Cashmere collection just dropped earlier this week, and those pullovers? Those joggers? We need a set for every day of the week.

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Women's Quintessential Cashmere Pullover


You probably know Cozy Earth because its waffle bath towel bundle has been on Oprah’s Favorite Things list for years (including her 2022 list). We also love the brand’s super soft bamboo sheet set, dubbing it the best cooling bed sheets. Cozy Earth’s products can be a bit pricey, but they are so worth it (though you should know those bamboo sheets are currently 20% off right now—you’re welcome).

We’re not going to lie to you — Cozy Earth’s new cashmere is pricey, too, but with its 10-year warranty, timeless style, and goes-with-everything color palette, these pieces are well worth the investment. The collection includes five items designed for women and three for men, including joggers and variations of a pullover for both. The women’s selections include both a long cardigan and a traditional cardigan, as well as ribbed leggings, while the men’s include a zip-up sweater in two classic colorways.

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Men's Quintessential Cashmere Jogger


The thing about Cozy Earth’s new cashmere collection, beyond being effortlessly chic and so soft, is that it’s also good for the planet. The brand uses cashmere that’s been certified by the Good Cashmere Standard, which means it’s sourced from ethical farms concerned with treating their workers and animals well. Stylish clothes? Check. Thoughtfully sourced? Check.

Cozy Earth’s Quintessential Cashmere collection is available on the brand’s website, and honestly, we could not be more ready to elevate our WFH wardrobe with these pieces.

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