How do the Cowboys feel about Dak Prescott?

Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson and Terez Paylor ask if it's fair to question how the Cowboys feel about Dak Prescott.

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Video Transcript

TEREZ PAYLOR: Maybe I do believe, yeah, they like Dak. But I feel like when you let a quarterback get to this point, what it means is that you don't love him. And if you're that quarterback, you have to wonder about that too. Is it fair to wonder if the Cowboys don't love Dak Prescott?

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yes, that is absolutely fair. And I will say this, it's not the same as when Brees played under the tag because the truth was AJ Smith was readying the team for Philip Rivers.

TEREZ PAYLOR: Yeah, they already had the replacement in the wings.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Right, they had their replacement ready.

TEREZ PAYLOR: A top four pick. Right.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Exactly. And they transitioned it out one more year. It's not the same as Kirk Cousins because the truth was the franchise severely undervalued Kirk Cousins for what his value really was gonna be on the open market, OK?

Now Dak-- I will say this for Dallas. It's not like Dallas didn't come up with good offers. They did. They came up with good offers. The problem was their offers were always just a little behind the curve, which suggested we like you, but we like you to the point where we need you to kind of do the deal that's competitive and right for us, which you can ask for if all your players are doing deals that have a little give back in them.

Here's the problem with that, DeMarcus Lawrence did not do a deal that had a give back to Dallas, OK? He did a deal that for DeMarcus Lawrence was gonna be top-- he maxed out what his value was going to be. Guess who else did. Ezekiel Elliott also did not do a deal that was really, truly favorable to the Dallas Cowboys. He actually did do a deal that was, for his market, was at the top of the market.

And so for Dak, you're sitting there and you're going, OK, I just played out a fourth round deal. I took all the risk. Never got my big payday. I was the one who shouldered all that risk. And oh, by the way, I also shouldered the risk in 2019 when I had to play for my supper, sing for my supper, and it never came.

Now that my supper is finally here and I'm gonna get $31.4 million in 2020, $37.7 million in 2021, and $54.2 million in 2022-- and guess what. If you don't want to pay any of those, that's just fine. Let me go to free agency.

Guess what. Everybody says, oh, the quarterback market has a glut of quarterbacks. Here's the thing, it doesn't have a glut of quarterbacks who are good players in their mid 20s. Those players--

TEREZ PAYLOR: And never misses a game.


TEREZ PAYLOR: And never misses a game.



CHARLES ROBINSON: And who also has gotten better every--


CHARLES ROBINSON: --single year.

TEREZ PAYLOR: Absolutely. So if you want to criticize Dak, you can do that on the following areas, the record versus playoff teams last year, how he fared against good teams on the schedule last year. But he's also a guy who's there every single play, he's also really, really young, and he's also gotten tangibly better every single year. Somebody will pay him more than Kirk Cousins if he ever hit the market.

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