Cow Spotted Running Loose Through Chicago Suburb Like a Total Boss

It was a crazy day in the suburbs.

Residents in a Chicago suburb found something unusual running down the streets Thursday morning. A cow on the loose! According to a CBS Chicago article, the cow got loose after a senior prank at a nearby high school turned wrong.

The video of the cow was posted to the TikTok account @cbschicago and the caption describes the situation best - Udder chaos in suburban Niles. LOL! Take a look!

View the original article to see embedded media.

O.M.G. Our senior pranks were nothing like this! According to the article, the students purchased this steer from Craigslist along with a pig. Another student brought in chickens from their home. Luckily, with the help of a nearby farm, they were able to rescue the runaway cow and he is now at the Hooved Animals Humane Society.

"That cow was really 'moo'ving," commented @snackattacked. Right?! We had no idea cows could run so fast. LOL! A witness in the article said he saw about half a dozen young men chasing after the cow. So if you ever thought you could outrun a cow, turns out you can't! @macarthurparkyellow said, "I lived in Niles for years and never got to see a single loose cow." Ha! Don't expect there to be another loose cow in the streets again. Although, we wouldn't mind seeing one in our neighborhood!

"Now THERE'S something you don't see every day and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing!" wrote @k8klayd. SAME! We enjoyed it, especially knowing this cow is safe and sound. Now, how many other people do you know that can say they've had a cow running down the street?!

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