Covington Catholic students release video detailing shooting, bombing threats made against them

In a video statement tweeted out Monday night by conservative high-school online personality CJ Pearson, two Covington Catholic High school students named Grant and Sam discussed the effects of a viral video showing classmate Nicholas Sandmann appearing to have a stand-off with a Native American leader in Washington D.C. over the weekend. The video clip was later found to be taken out of context.

“Several media platforms blatantly lied about the events regarding the controversy in D.C. and it has affected us as a community and individuals greatly,” Grant said. Sam continued, “There have been many threats against our lives, against our parents. Some of these include that we should be locked in the school and it should be burned to the ground, the school being bombed, school shooting threats. It’s really scary, I know a lot of people are scared to go to school tomorrow and won’t be attending because of what could happen.”

The students said that police are all over Covington Catholic High School, which cancelled classes Tuesday over safety concerns. And the students say another source of negativity surrounding the event is that both students and parents have been doxxed, meaning they have had their private personal information published. Grant says he wasn’t at the rally but has been doxxed three times just for being “very vocal” about defending his classmates, leading to “a tsunami of hateful messages.”

“A lot of people’s parents were also doxxed, their work was called,” Sam added. “I mean, this could greatly affect their job. They could be fired. There are real consequences for these actions and it all spews from a 30-second clip taken out of a two-hour video, out of context, and people jumping to conclusions before the full story is released.”

Many on Twitter are showing support for the students, with sentiments that they did nothing wrong and are an inspiration to us all.

Others feel as though the students deserve the negative backlash, with one person even posting a video that claims to show her being harassed by students from Covington before the viral incident occurred.

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