COVID outbreaks threaten plans to reopen colleges

COVID-19 outbreaks linked to student parties are threatening plans to reopen colleges and universities. A spike in infections linked to fraternity parties are complicating efforts to bring students and faculty back to the UC Berkeley campus. (July 13)

Video Transcript

ART REINGOLD: So we've had remarkably few infections on the Berkeley campus up until about 10 days ago when we did have a cluster of cases, apparently linked to students primarily attending a social function at a fraternity house-- or actually probably a couple of different parties. It clearly reinforces what many people already knew, which is that this is not going to be easy, and that changing the behaviors of large numbers of young, generally healthy people is going to be very difficult. If they don't show good judgment and follow the kinds of prevention strategies we think are important, then we're very likely to have problems, because I'm sure the virus is still going to be circulating in the community in the months ahead.

BEN BEDNARZ: Normally, there are clubs and staff and other social activities that students can do. But when everyone is at home and then they're just taking online class, it just creates kind of this unhealthy situation where you don't really interact with anybody. What really it helps you understand the subject is talking to your peers and talking to your GSIs and your professor, and that's what allows you to understand it. If you just try to learn it yourself-- well, I mean, if you're a real genius, yeah, you can do that.

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