Of course, people have thoughts about Kylie Jenner's ramen 'recipe'

Yet another Kylie Jenner “recipe” is going viral on social media — and of course, social media has plenty of thoughts.This time, it’s the 22-year-old’s method of preparing instant ramen.which many fans are criticizing as a direct rip-off of other commonly made dishes.Jenner’s version of the dish, which basically just involves adding a few extra ingredients —.such as butter, an egg and garlic powder — to a standard package of instant ramen, .provoked comments from many users who were confused as to how the cooking method counted as a recipe at all.“My mom made me this since I was a toddler &’ taught me how to make it when I was ten.Yet Kylie gets credit for this,” one commenter wrote.“Nahhhhh Kylie Jenner can NOT take the credit for this I’ve been doing this for years,” another added.“Y’all act like kylie invented everything,” yet another user wrote

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