Of Course Lady Gaga Wore the Wildest Boots Possible to Vote

Bianca Betancourt
·2 min read

From Harper's BAZAAR

Lady Gaga has cast her vote in style.

On Monday, the pop star shared a quick clip of her making a grand entrance to cast her ballot for this year's presidential election. To perform her civic duty, the singer kept it "casual"—by her own terms—and wore an oversized gray sweatshirt, jet black sunglasses, a protective face mask, and shimmering, metallic pink, thigh high platform boots. Gaga soundtracked the clip to her own song, "Babylon" from her latest album, Chromatica.

"Category: Ballot Drop Off Realness," Gaga captioned the post.

The "Rain On Me" singer has released a steady stream of voting-related content in recent weeks leading up to the election. Before dropping off her ballot, Gaga also shared a snap of herself posing with her ballot and explaining the importance of early voting this year.

"Ballot’s here! And it’s #VoteEarlyDay! Today’s the perfect day to join the 46 million people who have already cast their ballots in the 2020 election. Check out http://VoteEarlyDay.org to make your plan to vote early now!" wrote Gaga.

In addition to posting a series of skin-baring selfies at an attempt to grab the public's attention and encourage them to vote, Gaga wrote a quirky voting jingle that she recently shared on social media as well.

"Do you know how to vote? I know a place you can go, it's called turbovote.org, t-u-r-b-o-v-o-t-e-dot-o-r-g," sings Gaga in the hilarious soundbite. "I know this is cheesy...but http://ladygaga.turbovote.org is easy. This is my new single," she added on Twitter. "Don’t give up ....it’s important your voice is heard!"

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