Of Course Kim Kardashian Has A Fridge Dedicated Solely To Champagne

Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: Getty Images/Instagram/kimkardashian
Photo credit: Getty Images/Instagram/kimkardashian

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Honestly, you guys, I hate to do this to you. I really do. But we once again have to talk about Kim Kardashian's refrigerator situation. In some recent yet now-expired Instagram stories, Kim showed off a fridge in her garage that housed nothing but water and Champagne, which just further adds to the enigmatic nature of the Kardashian-West's home fridge situation.

ICYMI: Back in January, Kim posted a photo for her Skims collection where she was standing in front of a refrigerator that was totally empty except for some sparkling water and so much milk. Like, six cartons of milk. She then confirmed that there is indeed food in her home and that the Kardashian-West family doesn't simply survive on just different forms of milk. In fact, they have a couple of huge, industrial-grade refrigerators in their home. Oh, and a frozen yogurt machine!!!

But I digress! All of that is to say that Kim has a lot of food, drink, and snacks in her home, though her latest fridge might be the most (or least?) relatable of them all. In a video posted to her Instagram story, Kim was walking around her garage while wearing some of her Skims products.

The brief video showed her opening and then closing a refrigerator with a clear glass front. Although quick, you can see that the fridge was reserved for Essentia water, Boxed Water Is Better cartons, and a LOT of Champagne bottles. It looked like there were quite a few bottles of Veuve Clicquot, but there were likely some other brands mixed in as well.

So, there you have it folks. Kim has one fridge for milk. Another for champagne. Another for water. Oh, and another one for actual food. Any questions?

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