Of Course, Gabrielle Union Can Pull Off Neon Red Hair, Too

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Gabrielle Union is always serving with her hairstyles, whether she's wearing uber-long braids, a sleek ponytail, or a gravity-defying topknot. But rarely does she switch up her hair color from her natural brunette. That changed on Halloween when the actor stepped out in a curled red wig with thick bangs.

On November 1, Union shared pictures showing off her, her husband’s, and her daughter‘s Halloween costumes. Union dressed up as a slice of toast with strawberry jam while her husband was the peanut butter slice, completing their joint PB&J sandwich costume. She wore a toast suit with reddish pink jam on its front and a bright red sweater beneath. Her red hair was even brighter than the jam on her suit. It's specifically a neon red shade. Her bright hair fell in big curls towards her waist.

This red hair color wasn’t the only difference from her signature look. These bangs are a completely different look for Union, who rarely steps out with a full-on fringe. Her red bangs fell right into her eyes, skimming her lash hairs. This fringe was so thick you couldn’t see a single sliver of her forehead or eyebrows. She paired her red hair with a matching matte red lip and a faux beauty mark drawn right on her cheek.

We doubt there will be another event for which Gabrielle Union pops out with red hair this bright again. But, hopefully, she considers dyeing her own hair red — perhaps a copper color, Gab?

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