This Couple Wore Face Masks on Their Wedding Day Thanks to the Kinkade Fires

Wildfires are threatening the safety and homes of many Californians. For one Chicago couple, the Kinkade fire in Sonoma County also threatened their wedding pictures. If you spend any time on Twitter, you've likely seen the photo of newlyweds Curtis and Katie Ferland. The instantly-famous picture, taken by Karna Roa of KMR Photography, shows the couple in their wedding dress and tuxedo, holding hands and wearing face masks. Behind them, the typically beautiful Sonoma sunset is filled with smoke.

As Mercury News explains, the newlyweds didn't actually wear the masks during their wedding ceremony. Still, their big day felt the repercussions of the fires happening 25 miles south of the event venue, the Chateau St. Jean Winery.

The wedding was moved from outdoors to indoors and powered by backup generators that took over after PG&E cut power to the area, citing safety concerns. “We were not in an evacuation zone, nor a warning zone,” wedding planner Sara Sugrue said told Mercury News. “Our priority was to keep our couple, their guests, our vendors and employees safe.”

When the time came for photos, Sugrue tells Mercury News that it was her suggestion to incorporate the face masks. Though some online have criticized the portraits for making light of the fires, she explains that the couple intended to honor the realities of the California landscape. "This is affecting all of us, as well as our couple who had to evacuate not once, but twice,” Sugrue said. “They have big love and care about our area and the people who live here. That’s why they chose to have their wedding here.”

The couple is now enjoying their honeymoon in San Francisco, where no face masks are needed.

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