Couple Wears Astronaut Costumes to Stay Safe During COVID-19

Check out this couple’s out-of-this-world solution for staying safe during COVID-19 🚀

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In US news and current events today, the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the world, and the COVID 19 outbreak has hit particularly hard in Brazil. As we remain glued to COVID 19 news and coronavirus news, we still have to deal with the new normal of social distancing. That's why this couple decided to have some fun with their astronaut suit as a way to stay safe from COVID 19. Brazil coronavirus numbers are not good, but this couple of would-be astronauts are doing their best to stay safe from Brazil COVID 19. Their space suits are enviable, as is their commitment to social distancing amid the coronavirus brazil outbreak. The astronaut suit is certainly a complex look for social distancing, but it's a heartwarming reminder of the creativity of humans as we strive to survive unprecedented times.

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