Couple sweetly documents their pregnancy to neighbour through Ring camera

A couple has sweetly looped in one of their neighbours on their pregnancy journey.

Katie Newton recently took to TikTok to share footage from her Ring security camera outside of her apartment that featured various clips of her neighbour walking by and confirming whether or not she was still pregnant.

“My neighbours were updating me on their pregnancy through my Ring camera once their due date hit,” she wrote across the TikTok.

Most of the clip shows the woman looking straight into the camera and letting her neighbour know that she is “still pregnant”. At the very end of the video, the woman and her husband are walking up the stairs to their apartment, when the woman, who has visible hospital bracelets around her wrist, looks into the camera one last time and says: “We had the baby.”

The husband then holds the baby up to the camera and introduces the child to the neighbour, before he ends the video mimicking his wife by saying “not pregnant” instead of “still pregnant”.

“Thank you @Ring for helping capture this. Welcome home next door baby!!!” Newton captioned her TikTok.

After posting, the video went on to receive more than 26 million views, with many people leaving comments about how much they loved the video. Others suggested it was worthy of being used as a future commercial for the camera brand.

“Way to accidentally create the best Ring ad,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “This should be a commercial for Ring.”

“I think Ring just found their Mother’s Day ad! So adorable,” a third comment read.

Other commenters had different ideas for the TikTok and what it should be used for. “I feel like I just watched a Pixar short film,” one commenter joked.

Even Ring left a comment on the video, with the company writing: “So sweet! Msg us, would love to share!”

This isn’t the first Ring camera footage that has made its way to TikTok. Toni Ann, @tinyann22, previously shared a video captured from her home’s Ring camera. She went on to describe the footage, which began with her son standing in front of the door, as: “When mom goes to the store and leaves kids with dad.”

In the video, her three-year-old son proceeded to step closer to the Ring camera, as he opted to call his mother through it while she was out. When she answered, he told her that “his tablet was dead,” to which she responded: “Where’s Daddy?”

After he said that he didn’t know where his father was, he was joined by his older sister, who also told her mother that her tablet was “not working” and asked her where she was. The mother continued to poke fun at her daughter’s comment in the text over the video, writing: “She goes to complain…then realises…Mom had the audacity to leave the house.”

Toni Ann also addressed how her children continued to “ignore” the question about where their father was, as they kept expressing that their tablets were “dead” or “not working”. The clip ended with her son going to find his father, who was “right there in the garage”.