Couple Speaks Out After Adopting the Cat Who Interrupted Their Wedding

When Cara and Matt Hamdan got married in Hudson Valley, New York in September 2023, they didn't expect a viral moment. But that's exactly what happened when the sweetest little stray cat interrupted their vows and stole the show. It's been months since that fateful day and now Matt and Cara not only are talking about the moment that made them internet famous — and adopting the cat who started it all.

The couple first went viral back in December 2023 after sharing the video of their unique wedding day.

It all happened as Matt was reading his vows. A video on the social media app shows things come grinding to a halt when the bridesmaids spotted the cat and started giggling. At first it seemed like Matt and Cara were confused, and were trying to push ahead. But before long it became clear that something in the background was distracting everyone. It turned out to be a stray cat who was sitting on a tree stump behind the alter "demanding to be heard," the video's caption explained.

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Speaking with Good Morning America, Cara recalled what it felt like when she first noticed that something strange was going on.

"I hear all of my bridesmaids at first like snickering and giggling. And I start hearing people in the audience kind of laughing and I'm like, 'Okay, I can block that out,'" she told the news outlet in February 2024.

"And then [Matt's] groomsman sticks his head out of line and [...] pans to the crowd like, 'are you guys seeing this?'" she recalled. "I'm like, 'okay, something's up.'"

Matt told the news outlet that he thought the snickering was "crying." It was his sister, who was one of the bridesmaids, who pointed out that the focus had quickly shifted over to the cat.

Luckily for the kitty, the couple are true cat people.

"My initial instinct was to actually go into the woods and try to pet and save the cat," Matt continued. "And leave my wife at the alter," he joked.

The couple said that for the rest of the evening, all anyone could talk about was the cat. The Hamdans said that the Curry Estate, where they got married, kept seeing the cat around the premises after the big day.

The two were on their honeymoon when one of their sister's called them to let them know the cat had been brought to a shelter.

A month later, the Hamdans brought the cat, now named Daisy, home. She joins their older cat, Gatsby, and has been a welcomed addition to the crew.

"She licks our hands like she's a dog," Matt joked to GMA.

Months after the incident, both Matt and Cara believe this was meant to be.

"I don't really believe in fate and this, that, and the other things, but this kind of feels like she picked us," Matt said.

"It just felt very symbolic of like, this was all meant to be," Cara agreed.

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