Couple screams of excitement because their family is growing

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One moment can change your entire life.

Tatianna and Preston Peacock had been trying to get pregnant for months with all the stress and anxiety that involved. But, finally, came the long-awaited day that made all the difference in the world.

The couple recorded themselves nervously awaiting their pregnancy test results. And when they finally flipped over the test device, the result was everything they’d been hoping for. At last, a baby was on the way!

Watch the video to see the couple's dreams come true.

The excited pair jumped up and down for joy, hardly able to contain their excitement at the good news. Learning there was going to be an addition to their family was the best news ever!

And on social media, Tatianna and Preston shared their journey for others to follow and relate to.

And the story has the happiest of endings, as the couple recently welcomed a baby girl!

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Couple's pregnancy reaction is pure joy