Couple’s Reminder That Dogs Really Are Family Members Goes Viral

Do you ever run across a TikTok that just hits you right in the gut? That's how I felt when I found this video that BeauNoseBones shared in mid-January. Fair warning: You might want to grab a tissue before you watch it!

The video starts by showing Beau's dad bringing him home for the first time. He's an adorable, fluffy little puppy who you can tell loves his dad. As the video goes on, we see Beau continue to grow, and dad's life changing. Beau is part of his dad and mom's wedding. He was there when they found out that there was a baby on the way, and patiently waited for baby to arrive. Now, dad's little puppy is all grown up and a big brother. The last half of the video had me in tears!

Such an incredibly beautiful story! @Beau really is the couple's first 'child' and their baby's big brother! Fun fact about this family: Mom and dad couldn't settle on what to name the baby, so they let Beau decide in the best way possible! The bond between them is so lovely, and all of the memories that Beau and his baby brother have already made can't even compare to the memories they'll make over many more years!

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Pets Really Are Like Family Members

It's not surprising that this sweet video went viral - it has more than 16 million views, millions of likes, and more than 12 thousand comments! This goes to show you that people have very strong feelings about dogs and the roles they play in our lives and families.

Before we had our first baby, we had two West Highland Terriers...our first babies. Watching our girls meet our son was such an incredible moment. They were so gentle and protective of him right away! And by the time he learned to talk, he called them his sisters.

Like me and like Beau's parents, many pet owners feel strongly that our dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, or whatever other animals you might have are members of the family. And if you have more than one pet, they may even fight like can definitely be like a love/hate relationship!

We all love our pets so much because of how much they enrich our lives. They can read and sense our emotions, and we learn to know theirs. They're loyal and protective. They love their families more than anything else in the world. They play and keep us young. They're always with us, day in and day out. They provide comfort when we're feeling down and when we're feeling up. They truly are amazing and such a joy, and we are so lucky to have them in our lives!

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