Couple Goes to Trader Joe's for Chickpeas and Comes Home with a Dog

Stephanie Zieber/Shutterstock

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It's always wonderful when people adopt a dog, and it's especially wonderful when the people who adopt are just so over-the-moon-excited that you can tell they will be absolutely awesome dog parents.

That's the case with this couple from Del Mar, California, who went into Trader Joe's for chickpeas and left with their very own forever friend.

The video, posted September 20th by Adriana Wolf at TikTok account  @Adrianawolfrealtor explains how Adriana and their partner went to the popular grocery chain to pick up some food and they ended up adopting a dog from the Del Mar Dog Rescue that had set up an event in the Hillcrest Trader Joe's parking lot.

In the above video the couple does so many things right, because adopting a dog is such a big consideration for families and discussing things like who will take the dog out and where the crate will be kept are the sort of important discussions people need to have before adopting a dog! Everyone should be on the same page with the same expectations before bringing a fur baby home.

Even though the couple has technically decided that he's a foster fail, it's such a great idea to foster before adoption because then you can really see how a dog will fit into your lifestyle.

This sweet couple named their new fur baby Chicken Alfredo, which is just the cutest name ever. They even posted an update of Alfie getting his first pup cup!

We can't wait to follow along with Alfie and his family. There's nothing better than dog adoption, and there's nothing more wonderful then seeing a dog thrive and be loved in his forever home.

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