Couple gets big surprise after they adopt ‘quiet and cuddly’ dog

TikToker Sydney Victoria (@accidentalgrandma) finally convinced her boyfriend to let her adopt a dog, but everything changed when the couple realized that their new pup had a surprise of her own.

Sydney posted a heartfelt clip of her and her boyfriend’s dog adoption journey, which ended in their dog giving birth to five puppies. The viral video has reached more than 1.2 million viewers on TikTok — many of whom have plenty of opinions on the “buy one get 5″ situation.

Over a photo montage of her boyfriend holding their new dog, Sydney explains that she had been trying to convince her boyfriend to let her adopt.

“I read her description and she’s supper (sic) quiet and cuddly. We got this,” Sydney writes in the on-screen text, sharing her sentiment at the time.

While the couple was seemingly prepared to take care of the pup, they soon realized that their dog parenting days were going to be a whole lot more interesting than they had anticipated. Over photos of the dog’s belly, clearly showing signs of pregnancy, Sydney writes that her boyfriend had asked her if she had “happened to Google symptoms of pregnant dogs.”

Clearly, Sydney hadn’t, and the next shot shows her boyfriend next to the dog as it gives birth, before cutting to a shot of an adorable litter of newborn puppies playing in a cardboard box. The next shot shows the pups, slightly older, standing in a row on the deck outside.

“‘I told you we shouldn’t get a dog,’” Sydney writes, quoting her skeptical boyfriend. “But now we have 6,” she writes, over a photo of the pups in a big pile on the living room floor. “How about we keep them all?”

“Bonus” puppies

Viewers were touched by the story, both by the adoptive parents and the adorable puppies, while some shared advice on how to proceed, based on their own experiences.

“Awww! That is so beautiful, sweet and loving!!!” wrote one viewer with a lengthy collection of heart emojis.

“Bonus doggos! Like finding fries at the bottom of the bag,” joked another TikToker.

“Just be careful with littermate syndrome. We tried keeping all our pups and they started fighting real bad. We had to rehome them,” warned one dog parent, to which Sydney replied that the dogs have all stayed in her family, but live in different houses.

Based on Sydney’s TikTok page, which features plenty of dog content, this happy family of pups is clearly living their best life!

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