A Couple’s Gender Reveal Stunt Led to an Explosive Plane Crash, Killing the Pilot

An airborne gender reveal stunt resulted in tragedy when a small airplane crashed, killing the pilot.

The disaster occurred Sunday afternoon in Mexico. Relatives had gathered at a venue in Navolato, Sinaloa state, for the festivities. Harrowing footage depicts the moment just before the plane hits the ground. The expectant parents are standing in front of a display of large, lit-up letters which reads “Oh Baby" in all caps. Surrounding the fixture are pink, blue, white, and gold balloons.

As the clip begins, the plane is rapidly coming in from the horizon. The couple waits for it to pass over, their cue to celebrate. As it crosses, releasing a pink powder below, audience cheers soon turn to screams of terror. One of the plane’s wings is ripped off, and the vessel goes corkscrewing through the air. It flies just beyond a bank of trees, where it presumably crashes, although the video does not show the impact.

The camera pans back to show the couple, who are embracing each other and bouncing up and down, seemingly unaware of the catastrophe. One woman in the crowd also appears not to have seen the crash. As she smiles and lifts her phone to record the rejoicing parents, a cannon emits a prolonged burst of glittering pink confetti.

A member of Sinaloa’s Red Cross told CNN that paramedics attended to the pilot at the crash site before taking him to a local hospital, where he died shortly after admission. Later on Sunday, he was identified as 32-year-old Navolato resident Luis Ángel. No other injuries were reported.

Gender reveal parties have caused a variety of disasters in recent years, as traditional reveal methods gave way to pyrotechnic stunts. In 2017, an Arizona wildfire claimed 47,000 acres after guests were instructed to fire guns at an explosive blue and pink material. In 2020, a similar incident in California, started by fireworks, destroyed 22,000 acres of land and displaced 3,000 people from their homes.