Couple Has Floating TV Without Any Wires Because Of a Floor Outlet

SHUTTERSTOCK / mariakray

'Home is where the heart is,' and this couldn't be more true for a particularly crafty couple who solved a common living room aesthetic dilemma with a bit of creativity and a floor outlet.

As weekend warriors and home refinement enthusiasts, the couple wanted to upgrade their entertainment center. They longed for a stunning, larger TV. However, they also desired a setup that would be as cohesive and seamless as possible.

The considered fix? A floating TV. But how did they achieve such a neat look without the distraction of messy wires? The clue sits under your feet - a floor outlet.

Taking full advantage of an already existent power source right where they needed it unleashed the opportunity for this seamless setting. And honestly, floor outlets are a great resolution for all items, from vacuum cleaners to floor lamps. You can even run one outlet's current to another - but only if you know what you're doing.

This practical solution allowed the TV wires to be placed between the built-in framing, ensuring the power source would plug snugly into the TV box underneath. This sleek and efficient design hid all unsightly cords, making their new TV appear to float effortlessly against the wall.

The couple's story is a reminder of the power of creative thinking in home improvement projects and how practical solutions can lead to stunning results.

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A floating TV setup like this can help achieve an uncluttered look and contribute to a comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing home environment.

Their undertaking is a testament to home decor aficionados that solutions are always at our fingertips (or underfoot, in this case). The saga of the unseeable wires and floating TV setup is a pivotal example of how everyday challenges can be solved with a mix of creativity, practical thinking, and the desire to improve our living spaces.

Remember, dear readers, home design and decor reflect who you are. It's okay to try bold ideas, mix and match, or innovate as the couple in our story did. After all, where would we be without a little bit of audacity and a lot of ingenuity in our homes? Stay inspired and keep making your spaces the best they can be. Happy decorating!

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