Couple Documents 'Black Mirror' Experience as the Lone Guests at Five Star, All-Inclusive Resort

There's nothing more frustrating than spending your hard-earned money on a resort vacation only to find it crowded and have to fight other guests for restaurant tables or pool loungers. But given one couple's recent experience, it might be better than the alternative.

Cameron, who goes by @freedomhustler on TikTok, had booked a stay at the Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos in Mexico to celebrate a "baby moon" with his wife. However, shortly after the couple's arrival, they realized something wasn't right.

"This is kind of creepy but we had this whole entire resort to ourselves," Cameron narrated the two-and-a-half minute video, comprised of footage he took around the ground of the resort. "At first, it started as a joke so I started recording on our first day and not seeing anybody but employees. But you can see as the days progress, it starts to freak us out and felt more like an episode from Black Mirror."

He explained that on the first day they weren't familiar with the resort, which he says is actually "a very nice place," so they were initially getting the lay of the land. "And so these videos were taken on our first day just joking around like, wow, it looks like we have the whole place to ourselves."

Things started to get a little creepier, however, when the couple realized that they had all of the activities to themselves as well. On the second day, they walked to the furthest part of the resort to look for other people, but found the "immaculate" outdoor seating area likewise empty. Cameron said that what initially was a joke started to become panic as he recorded video to send to his friends.

“Every time I think I see someone that’s not wearing a white uniform, I get excited, only to realize, no, just more contractors working on the place," he said. "Which, again, was kind of cool, until it wasn’t."

"I would find myself at night just looking over the whole place trying to find someone," Cameron recalled. "It might be the real estate investor in me, but I started to wonder how is this place paying for all these lights? How are these fire pits being lit all day, all night for us? Who is paying for all this? This entire kingdom is just for us.”

As his video went viral, with over 6.7 views and counting, a representative from the resort told the New York Post that they are there to accommodate guests "no matter what."

"Velas Resorts operate at 100 percent regardless of the number of actual guests staying on property,” the rep said, noting that the staff to guest ratio is 3 to 1, compared to some other resorts that operate with three guests to every staff member. "Velas Resorts prides itself on offering the very best, not just when it comes to service, but food, accommodations, design, experiences, et al."

“Comparatively higher than others in the destination, our nightly rates reflect the value that one receives when visiting Velas Resorts," the rep added. "We don’t lower our rates just to pack people in. At present, we are limiting the number of suites available for booking at the new property until we are confident that all aspects of the resort would surpass travelers’ expectations."