Couple Who Divorced Three Years Ago Become Engaged Again in Sweet Christmas Proposal

Divorced Couple Become Engaged Again in Sweet Christmas Proposal

Wedding bells will be ringing again for a couple who divorced after being married for two decades.

Jeffrey and Lorrie Agan of Bowling Green, Ohio, got married back in 1989 in a local electronics store when they couldn’t afford a traditional wedding. While their union saw the birth of eight children, it was also plagued by intense fighting, Jeffrey and Lorrie divorced in 2014. The split was difficult for the family, the couple’s 21-year-old son, Jeffrey Agan Jr., told BuzzFeed.

“They fought, separated, divorced, and it tore the family apart,” Jeffrey Jr told Buzzfeed. “Each of us felt like we had to cope with the destruction in different ways, and on our own.”

But something positive came from their separation: it gave Jeffrey and Lorrie ample time to reflect and find self-renewal on their own. Jeffrey started working out and writing poetry, and returned to nursing school after a long career in truck driving, while Lorrie found peace in meditation and nature. Soon, this gave the two former lovebirds confidence to rekindle their relationship.

Once it’s opened, Lorrie starts to read the poem aloud as Jeffrey kneels in front of her—and though the family was not given a heads up as to what their father had planned, they quickly put things together.

“No one knew Dad had planned the proposal, and the detail and love he put into it,” Jeffrey Jr. said. “But I read the situation quickly as it was happening, and I pulled out my phone and caught a great recording!”