Couple claims Airbnb told them to ‘check out immediately’ and not tell the host: ‘It was scary’

A couple secretly fled their Airbnb because the company allegedly told them to.

TikToker @_spookytooth sat down for a creepy storytime to discuss an unusual situation that she claims happened at an Airbnb. During her stay, she said she received a cryptic message from Airbnb asking her to leave immediately but not to alert the host. Terrifying…

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“When Airbnb tells you to check out immediately and don’t tell the host,” the text on the video read.

The TikToker and her boyfriend quickly packed their things. They sprinted down the stairs, got in the car and fled the Airbnb. The video racked up 12.8 million views, and everyone demanded to know more.

A representative from Airbnb told In The Know, “The guests have been supported and we have no further comment.”

In an update, the TikToker elaborated on what Airbnb messaged her.

“The host does not know about this situation and will not know until we leave and to contact Airbnb as soon as we get out of there,” she said the company told her.

She still had no clue what was happening, so she and her boyfriend just left. Later that day, she got a text from her host telling her to “discard” any “weird or suspicious” messages from Airbnb.

The host called again, realizing they had left after seeing the viral TikTok. The host claimed that a previous guest told Airbnb “dangerous” but untrue things about him.

Airbnb never told her the issue, only that the host violated the company’s guidelines.

“It was scary now we’re at a nice hotel so it all worked out,” she said.

People were very suspicious of the host and skeptical of Airbnb as well.

“The fact that the host already knew the Airbnb procedure for handling whatever the situation is makes me think it may not be the first time,” someone wrote.

“Must’ve been cameras in places there shouldn’t have been or somebody was in the house,” another commented.

“If he won’t tell you and Airbnb won’t tell you I wouldn’t trust any of it,” a TikToker replied.

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