Couple Can't Decide on New Baby's Name So They Let Their Dog Choose

Choosing a name for a new baby (fur or human) is a big responsibility and can be stressful. Often you can whittle down choices to a name or two, and then can't decide. That's what happened to @BeauNoseBones' mom and dad, so they let him choose in this video they shared last week.

The couple was expecting their baby boy and had three names that they both agreed on. They couldn't settle on the perfect name themselves, so they enlisted the help of Beau in a very creative way. They wrote each name on a tennis ball, took Beau to the park, and had him fetch his favorite!

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The three names on the balls were Liam, Andrew, and Frankie. Dad tossed the balls, and it looks like even Beau had a hard time choosing a favorite! He finally settled on a name for his new little brother: Frankie. I love that they took a picture of him holding the ball in his mouth and had it framed and chose a special spot in Frankie's room for it! It's just the sweetest!

The video has well over a thousand comments and people were just as taken with the story as I was. @Melissa swooned, "He was so proud of himself!" @mikaela said, "The photo is straight out of a Pixar movie!!!" And has a great observation, "Imagine showing him this video when he asks why you named him Frankie!!!" @jesusgirl_918 had my favorite comment, "I love how you include your dog in EVERY part of your lives!"

Choosing a name for a new baby or pet is hard! I love how they included Beau in the process. It shows how important he is to their family!

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