Couple Brings Alpacas Into Their Florida Home to Ride Out the Storm and People Are So Touched

It's clear that they care about their animals so much.

With Hurricane Ian hitting Florida, people are evacuating from the coasts or sheltering in place. When disasters like this hit, many people are left wondering about how the animals are faring in the areas that are being impacted. This one family is doing what they need to do in order to keep their unusual pets safe.

TikTok user @theremedyfarm recently shared a video of their solution to keeping their family's many alpacas safe during Hurricane Ian. In the video the family is bringing the herd out of the barn and into their house. Check out the video to find out how this process went and see a family do the best they can to protect their pets.

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Wow, this is amazing. We admire families like this who doing the unusual to keep their animals as safe as possible. We can't imagine how difficult this must be for families with large animals, and we are keeping them in our thoughts.

People in the comments are praising this family for taking action to keep their animals safe. @feistydee said, "Thank you for caring so much about them. There's not many people out there like you. Stay safe!" Another user, @kadeependleton, commented, "You guys are amazing human beings for taking such good care of your fur babies." We love when people place a large emphasis on the safety and comfort of their pets!

Others thought the image of so many alpacas in the house created a lighthearted moment during a stressful situation. @lorihunter5475 commented, "They certainly made themselves at home. They’re not gonna want to go back outside. Love it!" and @egeyer2014 said, "Brings alpacas into the house but still removes shoes at the door. I love it! Hoping everyone is safe!" Too funny, some habits are tough to break!

In other videos this family has posted, it seems like everyone is doing well and the alpacas are content with their new digs. Hopefully, everyone makes it through the storm safely and the family can start figuring out how to convince the alpacas to go back to the barn!

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