Country Star Bri Bagwell's Passion for Helping Shelter Dogs Is Truly Unmatched

Texas Female Artist of the Decade, Bri Bagwell, is not only amazingly talented, gorgeous, and hilarious on her social media feeds, she's also a huge advocate for animal adoption. Bri recently created a beautiful video for her heartwarming song 'The Rescue' which featured photos of all of the dogs and cats rescued from shelters by her fans.

PetHelpful sat down with Bri to discuss where this passion for animal rescue comes from and why she thinks everyone needs a shelter dog in their life.

PetHelpful: Have you always loved dogs? Did you have pets growing up?

Bri Bagwell: I have always loved animals my entire life!! I had a duck when I was three (named "Ducky" brilliantly by me), I had a rabbit (Scarlett O'Hare named brilliantly by my dad), dogs, cats, birds, etc! We also had horses from time to time, a Shetland pony, pigs and a lamb to show in the fair, and anything that wandered up to our house in the country! We've always loved animals as a family, so it runs in my blood.

PetHelpful: You've said so many times how Whiskey has made your life better. What are the top three ways you think adopting a dog can improve someone's life?

Bri Bagwell: 1. She is such a sense of stress relief. I really believe that having a dog to hold and sit on my lap when times are stressful is just a total life saver. She gives me company when I'm lonely, and it's like a real-life stuffed animal with me at all times!

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2. Dogs give unconditional love. She is so happy to see me, every time, and she really loves me no matter how much money I make, or how much stress and drama is in my life. She grounds me.

3. Exercise! She loves nothing more than going to the park for a walk. She keeps me moving when I am tempted to just sit and answer emails all day or stay in bed in the RV on the road. Being in nature is so very good for our souls.

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PetHelpful: Do you have any advice for someone thinking about welcoming a shelter dog in their life?

Bri Bagwell: I think dogs need adjustment periods, just like humans. Whiskey tore up my blinds the first time that I left her alone. Now, I leave her on her fluffy bed to go run errands or go to dinner and she’s completely fine. Make sure you give them a grace period; they may have emotional and attachment issues, but they will improve as you get to know one another.

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The dogs are very appreciative of course. They latch on to you, and they recognize that you rescued them. BUT, I think we undervalue the gratitude that people at the shelters have for people who adopt dogs. You change the employees lives by adopting a dog. I went with Miranda's mom, Bev Lambert, who rescued about eight dogs from euthanization one day. The dogs were joyful and adorable, but the employee that had to put them down was in tears and overwhelmed with gratitude. It helps to also think that you're not just helping a dog, you're helping a group of humans, too!

We'd like to thank Bri for taking time out to answer our questions, and you can see more of Bri and her adorable dog Whiskey on her Instagram here!

If you'd like to find your own sweet rescue, please contact your local animal shelter or Humane Society for adoptable dogs and cats in your area.

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