You Could Win a Free Four-Day Trip to Finland This Summer

kuru retreat
How to Win a Free Trip to FinlandJulia Kivelä/Visit Finalnd

Calling anyone in need of a vacation this summer: Finland is giving away free trips as part of a program dedicated to teaching happiness. While immersed in nature, the experience will allow a lucky group of travelers to embrace the habits and traditions of the country that's known as the happiest place in the world.

The four-day program—called Masterclass of Happiness—takes place from June 12 through June 15 and is run by the country’s tourism organization Visit Finland. Those in search of happiness will venture to Kuru Resort, a private retreat located in the Finnish Lakeland region that boasts breathtaking flora and fauna. “We believe that happiness is not a mystical ability you are born with—it’s an approach to life that you can learn,” the organization’s website reads.

kuru retreat
Julia Kivelä/Visit Finalnd

Every attendee gets to stay in a private villa as they build the skills needed to sustain a balanced life. Finnish experts will act as personal coaches to guide the group in activities including “nature crafts, food for the soul and body, exercise in forests and lakes, calming sounds and music, and the Finnish way of life in general,” according to Visit Finland.

Anyone eager to secure a spot in the program can apply solo or as a pair (meaning you can bring your partner, sibling, friend, whoever!). To apply for the all-inclusive trip, you need to fill out an online form with basic information like your name and email. Applicants also need to complete a social media challenge, which can be found on Visit Finland’s Instagram and TikTok pages. All applications need to be submitted by April 2. Based on the submissions, Visit Finland will select 10 people to partake in the program.

If you aren't selected for the in-person program, don't fret: Visit Finland will share the class online later in the summer. So you can still learn how to approach life in a way that promotes happiness!

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