Could Taylor Swift Win an Oscar for All Too Well ?

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The road to EGOT-ing is paved with aspirations, but the much-vaunted label could actually become a reality for one Ms. Taylor Swift (provided she gets cast in a Broadway show in order to nab that Tony, which, by the way, is something I’d be very interested in seeing).

The singer screened her romantic drama—don’t call it a music video!—All Too Well: The Short Film this summer at the Tribeca Film Festival, and today, September 9, at the Toronto International Film Festival. This led some to wonder whether she’s gearing up for Oscar season. It’s definitely wild to imagine a song that was originally released in 2012 getting the Oscar treatment, but it’s clear how much work Swift put into turning said song into a cultural-discourse-capturing capital-M Moment. Who’s to say that’s not an Oscar-worthy achievement?

All Too Well: The Short Film was released on November 12, 2021, making it ineligible as a best picture contender (which, let’s be honest, might have been a tall order in the first place), but it fits neatly into the eligibility window for best live-action short, and honestly, it’s pretty cool to imagine a world in which Taylor Swift is an Oscar-winning director. Somewhere, Scooter Braun is screaming, crying, and throwing up—and not to take pleasure in other people’s pain, but I’m living for it.

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