Could the NFL get to zero players on the Covid/Reserve list?

Terez & Charles discuss that only 12 players currently sit inactive on the Covid-19 list.

Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: There's 12 guys. It's kind of fluctuating a little bit. But when we're taping this, there's, like, 12 guys who are currently on that COVID reserve list and will be rotating off it. Do you think there's a possibility that a week from now, or maybe 10 days from now, we could actually get to 0? Could we get the goose egg-- in the NFL, with all these guys, could there be not a player on the COVID reserve list?

TEREZ PAYLOR: Not with all this hitting starting this week. Not with all the breathing, and bleeding, and all of that stuff. No, look, there's hitting this week, man. So I don't want to be a downer, though. Because I think that's good. Like, that's a cool thing. And we've talked a lot about how these different teams have done a lot to try to make their facilities as safe as possible. But there's 32 teams, man. And there's 80 guys in camp. Like, at some point, somebody is going to go somewhere they're not--

CHARLES ROBINSON: Do you think it's going to sneak in, it's going to sneak in?

TEREZ PAYLOR: Well, yeah, I mean, we've already seen instances of guys trying to skirt the rules a little bit. So, you know, at the end of the day, I don't think you're trying to pitch a shut out here. I think this is a positive thing. And I'm happy about that. But I think we're all going to have to keep a real close eye on the next week. Because guys are getting closer right now. This hitting is starting. And we're really kind of getting into the grind at camp.

But Charles, I hope so, man. I hope so. I know you do too.

CHARLES ROBINSON: I do. And I really, actually-- when I sat back and I thought about it, someone said, hey, look, you know, the real test here is going to be after week 1 when half the teams in the league have traveled. And let's see how those week 2 tests come back. And let's see if everybody stays on point.

Now, granted-- now, my response to that was, absolutely. There's no doubt. That is a watershed moment. You can feel better if you go into week 2 and then there aren't positive tests. But again, I thought to myself, the point is, you can't ever relax. So even if you have a good week 1, 2, 3, this is the marathon of all marathons. You literally cannot lose focus the entire season. Because one guy can really blow up a team situation.