Could Allen Robinson be a Top-5 fantasy WR with Nick Foles?

Yahoo Fantasy expert Liz Loza chimes in on the outlook for Bears WR Allen Robinson after his surge in 2019, and the addition of Nick Foles under center in Chicago.

Video Transcript


LIZ LOZA: We've got a burning fantasy question for you. Can Allen Robinson be a Top 5 fantasy receiver, or is it more likely that he falls outside of the top 20 fantasy producers at the position, because of the obvious question marks that the Bears have at the quarterback position?

I'm a Bears fan. Gone on record more than a few times saying that I believe Robinson to be one of the team's best offensive play-makers. So yeah, it should come as no surprise that I have him ranked as my wide receiver 9. And for context, because I think that's important, that's just behind Kenny Golladay and ahead of Adam Thielen.

What Robinson did in 2019 was special, frankly. I mean, depending on your scoring system, he was the wide receiver 10 to wide receiver 7 in fantasy. He managed a Top 10 Dominator rating per Player Profiler, a top 5 contested catch rate. He drew more than nine and a half looks, per week and he caught over six balls per contest. And he did all of that with Mitch Trubisky under center.

Now, I believe that Nick Foles is indeed an upgrade at the quarterback position. And I also don't think that the continuity argument holds a lot of water here when you consider Foles' familiarity with Matt Nagy and Matt Nagy's system. In fact, a step further-- I mean, Foles has familiarity with, frankly, the whole of the Bears' offensive coaching staff.

So then the question becomes, can Robinson command a similar volume in 2020? And I don't see why not. I mean, what have the Bears done in the off-season? They added a [? washed ?] tight end, they added a rookie tight end, and Ted Ginn. And as much as I love Anthony Miller-- who, by the, way I will happily take a flyer on later in drafts, because his value is exceptional right now-- his shoulder has not been right for a minute.

So do I think it is in Allen Robinson's range of possible outcomes to be a top 5 fantasy receiver in 2020? I do. Though I will say, I feel more comfortable saying he's going to be a top 10 receiver in 2020.


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