Cotton Candy Oreos Are Coming Back For The First Time In Almost A Decade

oreo cotton candy
Another Oreo Fan Favorite Is Returning!Oreo

Oreo lovers, you might want to have a seat for this news. The famed cookie brand is taking us back to the state fair with the return of their beloved cotton candy flavor. For those keeping count, it's been nearly a decade since Oreo Cotton Candy was last available on store shelves!

And if you need a sweet reminder, the carnival-inspired treat features a golden Oreo base double stuf-ed with side-by-side pink and blue cotton candy flavor creme.

Oreo announced the news on social media, writing: "No longer day dreaming of cotton candy skies & Limited Edition Cotton Candy OREO Cookies." Fans of the sandwich cookie didn't hesitate to express their excitement about the return.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhh I need them so bad," one person wrote in response to Oreo's tweet.

On Instagram, there were nearly 300 comments from people sharing their thoughts on the announcement.

"Omg omg thank you so much for bringing these back these are my favorite ones you’ve ever made," one person wrote.

There were also a few Oreo Cotton Candy newbies who haven't yet had the chance to indulge in the unique flavor, but were equally excited.

"Wow cotton candy!! i cant wait to try this!!," said one person on Twitter.

"Oooh, never seen or had them before. Looking forward to trying them!," another tweeted.

And if your sweet tooth can handle it, Oreo has also brought back their s 'mores flavor. While you won't be able to get your hands on Oreo Cotton Candy until June 5, Oreo S 'mores is available in stores now.

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