Costco's Having a Super Sale on a Popular Allergy Med

It's the season of pumpkin spice lattes, limited-edition Yeti cups and, unfortunately, fall allergies. That's right—it's ragweed time. While those who are prone to seasonal allergies are likely used to dealing with the symptoms of runny noses, itchy eyes, coughs and headaches, meds make it a lot more bearable.

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And that makes the news about Costco's super sale on allergy medicine a game-changer. You can score generic Flonase at an insanely low price right now.

One Reddit user just shared the exciting news: "Paid for my whole year's membership with one item. Aller-Flo 5 pack for $15.99 on sale."

The user continued, "Sometimes I forget that the savings at Costco aren't just a couple of dollars here and there - but substantial. For the last couple of years, I've bought a new 5 pack of Aller-Flo (generic Flonase). The 5 pack on sale is $15.99. Which is 3 cents more than ONE bottle of the Equate version at Walmart. So I saved $63.81 on just that one item! For some, this is too much of this medicine to use before it goes bad, but we have 5 people in the family that all need their own bottle, so it's perfect for us."

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Costco's website currently has it listed at $18.99.

And that's not all.

Another Reddit user pointed out that it's not just generic Flonase, but generic Claritin is on sale at Costco this week as well, calling it a "no brainer" to purchase.

They said, "Generic Claritin (365 tablets) $8.69 on sale this week at Costco. Generic Claritin (365 tablets) is $40-$50 bucks anywhere else. Me and my spouse take it daily, so I can buy it twice a year at a Costco and spend $17 or I can buy it elsewhere and spend $80."

Plus, one Parade writer *swears by* the generic Zyrtec, saying "At Costco, it's like $15 for 365 pills." And actually, right now it's on sale for $11.98 for 365 tablets. For comparison, Walmart's generic Zyrtec is $23.88 right now, and that's for only 180 tablets.

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These kinds of savings are nothing to sneeze at—and with allergy meds in tow, you (hopefully) won't have to, anyway!

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