Costco Sushi May Not Be The Best Bang For Your Buck

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One of Costco signature characteristics is its low-prices on bulk products. Still, that doesn't mean everything that the chain sells is a good deal. Like any other store, there are some products you might want to avoid adding to the cart. For new members, it's certainly a journey of discovering which products to buy and which to leave on the shelf. But we will give you one tip about a product many members are avoiding.

Costco sushi may not offer the best bang for your buck. In one Reddit thread, customers called Costco out for its unimpressive selection of sushi, with many customers complaining about the small portion of fish. The sushi might look good in the package, but upon opening it customers have found that the fish, especially the nigiri, is sliced paper thin. One commenter remarked on the tiny portions saying, "That is so thin it looks like pickled ginger."

Another customer cheekily played devil's advocate saying, "Look at all that extra rice you're getting." On TikTok, users also remained torn over Costco's sushi offerings. Overall customers seemed to agree that Costco sushi is deceptive-- and for more reasons than just this one.

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More Members Dig Into Costco's Lackluster Sushi Rolls

salmon combo box from Costco
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Sushi that is made without those clean, thick cuts of fish are not usually worth the money, but that's not the only problem here. This portion issue actually wouldn't be the first time Costco sushi has caused controversy. In another Reddit thread customers were less than impressed at the quality of the sushi rice. Many members claimed that the rice was too dry to enjoy. Another commenter shared that it tastes slimy and takes on an unappetizingly gummy texture. Because of this low quality, a customer suggested that getting sushi from Costco was no better than getting it from a gas station.

A few members did come to Costco's defense, and many admitted to actually liking the sushi. While the quality isn't perfect, many agreed that it sure beat spending a whole lot more at a restaurant for relatively the same meal. As always, customer opinions on this matter differ, but most agree that Costco sushi is far from perfect.

Other Costco Products Customers Avoid

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While not everyone agrees on what's a flop and what's not, many Costco members have their personal suggestions on what's best to avoid buying. For example, one Costco member claimed that the warehouse chain's bananas should be something left on the shelf. Allegedly, many customers have trouble with the bananas because they never ripen -- they just go straight from green to brown. Other members say they are equally unimpressed by most of Costco's other produce selections.

As consumer analyst Julie Ramhold shared with CNBC, dairy products might be another thing to avoid buying at Costco. The quality isn't the issue here, it's the size. Since most of Costco's products are sold in bulk, the dairy products might go bad before you can use them. Even if it seems like a good deal at the time, half of it might end up in the trash unless you have a large household.

As with anything, use your best judgment when shopping at Costco, and make sure to avoid common mistakes.

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