Costco Shoppers Say One of Its Most Popular Drinks Has a Major Issue


It’s no fun when an uninvited guest shows up to brunch. Imagine you’re enjoying a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with your bestie and someone else just grabs a seat at the table without even asking — uh, rude. While the chances of that happening are incredibly low, sometimes, a plus one can tag along without us even realizing it.

We’ve all experienced, at one point or another, getting to the bottom of our second (or third) mimosa and noticing that a six-legged friend has been taking a swim in our brunch cocktail unbeknownst to us. The horror! Stomach-turning as it might be, there’s not much that could deter us from enjoying the effervescent cocktail — especially after our second round.

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Costco, the fan-favorite wholesaler, always seems to cater to our needs and that includes delivering a ready-to-drink mimosa option under its Kirkland Signature label. Priced at just $7.99, the wine-based cocktail pays homage to the classic brunch beverage with the bright and citrusy flavors of Sicilian blonde oranges.

While the bubbly pre-made cocktail is the perfect addition to your holiday brunch spread, you may want to take a second look before purchasing to ensure there are no extra guests at your exclusive breakfast soiree. A photo recently making its rounds on Reddit shows a sealed bottle of the ready-to-drink beverage with what looks to be an insect floating around inside.

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OP, MineConfident shared the photoset with the caption, “Ayo, what's up with Kirkland mimosa??” and asked if “Anyone else had this happen to them?” Thankfully, no one else could confirm the user’s claims, but that didn’t stop others from cracking plenty of jokes. “Lil buddy went out the same way I want to 🫡,” quipped one person while another joked, “I wonder if the roach is from Italy.”

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There hasn’t been any official word from Costco on a total recall, but a few of the post's spectators shared that the product had been pulled from their store’s shelves. “At the store I work at we pulled the entire stock for quality control issues. Return your bottle for a refund,” shared one person. Another user claiming to be an employee for the warehouse chain said, “Definitely recalled. Visit your local store for a refund.”

If you happen to find yourself hunting for a festive alternative, the retailer recently relaunched their holiday favorite Eggnog Liqueur, and there might still be a few bottles left if you’re lucky.

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