Costco Sells Variety Packs Of Jarritos Soda And You'll Want Them For Your Next Taco Tuesday Spread

Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: Instagram/costcohotfinds
Photo credit: Instagram/costcohotfinds

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Costco is the place to go for bulk amounts of typical supermarket products, but every so often, they also offer items that are hard to find anywhere else. You'll want to keep your eyes peeled on your next Costco run for variety packs of Jarritos soda that come with 24 bottles. They will beat out any other fruit soda you usually reach for.

Jarritos is a Mexican soda that is naturally flavored and made with real sugar instead of the artificial stuff. At Costco, the variety pack includes mandarin, pineapple, lime, and guava flavors. These sodas are not your usual orange soda; they offer up tropical flavors that are great for the summer time.

Of course, you can enjoy Jarritos straight out of the bottle any day of the week, but we'd highly suggest adding them to your next taco Tuesday spread. The Jarritos website also offers up a lot of creative ways to use the fruit sodas for cocktails, frozen drinks, and popsicles. There's even a guide for pairing each fruit flavor with tacos for the best complementary meal: mandarin with chorizo, carnitas with guava, fish with lime, and al pastor with pineapple, to name a few.

The variety packs were spotted at Costco by @costcohotfinds and go for $21 each. The account did say that they're unsure if the variety packs are a regional offering or if they come and go from shelves seasonally, but either way, it's definitely something to look out for if you're getting tired of the same artificial-tasting sodas. These might just become your new favorite.

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